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What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

"What exactly is engineered floor? The wood flooring market has become quite complicated recently, thanks to both new products which have been developed and also the range of wood species that have become accessible thanks to global trading.

In a nutshell, engineered wood flooring is a man-made timber flooring item, which is made up by bonding layers of unique forests together and topping them off with a solid wood top layer. The end result of the clever development is a floor which looks like solid wood but has the advantage of being able to be installed in places where humidity and moisture changes would lead to a real problem to solid wood.

So how can be engineered timber flooring created?

Engineered wood flooring is made up of bonding a range of layers of ply or higher density fibreboard (HDF) to make a center plank, which effectively becomes the inside of a"sandwich" that is then topped with a solid wood lamella or top layer. These center boards are made by bonding layers of ply together or simply by introducing a thick coating of HDF, laid in different directions to create a strong, stable foundation for the good wood surface.

When it comes to the good wood surface or lamella, there is a whole host of species to choose from, just as there is with good wood. That said, the most common are oak, larch and walnut.

To be able to recoup the lamella in the log, you will find three principle cutting approaches, that, depending upon which will be used will impact the expression of the end item.

- Dry solid-sawn lamella is possibly the lengthiest procedure and involves drying the wood out gradually over time to cut back its humidity degree. This slow drying procedure usually means the timber is not as likely to suffer with cupping later on. What is more, this manner of regaining the timber generates the most visually striking lamella.

- Rotary-peel lamella is made after boiling the log to enable the scratching of the top layer of wood in the outside, which is then pressed flat. This type of lamella has more of a chemical appearance to it and is far resistant to cupping compared to dry solid-sawn.

- Sliced-peel lamella eventually, is cut out of the end of the log after it has been boiled, again creating an extremely stable surface.

When the inner core was produced and the surface has been retrieved from the log, the pieces are united to make boards. The adhesive used to bond the various elements in many respects influences the quality of the last product.

One concern surrounding the glue process used is the final product isalso, if not treated carefully, capable of emitting high levels of formaldehyde. It is necessary therefore to confirm the formaldehyde security of your flooring before purchasing it. If that is something you're in any doubt about, a fantastic flooring provider will be able to reassure you.

Once the boards have been constructed, they are then milled to produce their tongue and groove structure. When it comes to completing engineered wood flooring, such as solid wood, you will commonly find distressed options, scraped alternatives and brushed options, which means that pretty much anything fashion you can buy in solid wood, there is likely to be a engineered wood equivalent.

When you buy these, you will typically find that it has finished, but if you look around, you will have the ability to monitor untreated planks if your job requires it.

Why is engineered wood flooring so unique?

In brief, engineered timber is unique because it withstands humidity and temperature changes far better than wood. This usually means that these planks can safely be utilised in bathrooms, kitchens and even basements. Furthermore, its stability means it may be successfully installed under floor heatingsystem. Add to this, the very fact that it's fast to set up, particularly when the floating method of setup is used and you truly begin to see why this flooring alternative is popular.

Here is our video review of these flooring


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